Robert Aguirre working on bikeUWindsor provost Robert Aguirre adjusts gears during a volunteer stint of repair April 19 at the Bike Kitchen.

Provost helps riders gear up for cycling season

Supporting bicycling is important to the University’s commitment to sustainability, says Robert Aguirre.

UWindsor provost and an avid cycler, he helped to get some wheels on the road last week by volunteering at the Bike Kitchen. A service of Bike Windsor Essex, a local non-profit which promotes cycling as an affordable and active way to get around, the Bike Kitchen provides workspace and tools for repair and refurbishing.

Dr. Aguirre repaired chains, realigned wheels, tightened brakes, and adjusted gears on bikes slated for distribution to migrant workers on Essex County farms.

“What’s great about the Bike Kitchen is they have all the tools and materials you need,” he says. “And their staff provides any expertise you may lack.”

Aguirre says he has learned a lot about bike maintenance in his years of cycling, and is happy to share that knowledge.

“It makes you feel really great — not everybody knows how to do these things,” he says. “Our neighbours in industry and on farms can sometimes be invisible to us. This is a way to tangibly help.”

The Bike Kitchen, located at 862 Walker Rd., runs workshops on bike repair and makes available tools, work benches, and advice during Do-It-Yourself time slots. No experience is necessary for new volunteers.