Electrical and Computer Engineering

Foundation offering scholarships to students in electrical fields

The Electro-Federation of Canada -- a national association representing the electrical, consumer electronics and appliance sectors – invites applications for 45 scholarships with a total value of more than $100,000.

Now in its 17th year, the program provides university and college students across Canada with support to pursue a career in the electrical and electronics industries. Since its inception, more than 300 scholarships have gone to qualified students in such areas as electrical or environmental engineering, computer science, and business.

Grad students enhance sober steering system with face recognition program

Motorists in the future may be able to help cut down on drunk-driving statistics thanks to a unique face-recognition program developed by a pair of University of Windsor engineering graduate students.

Although it’s still a long way from being available in vehicles, the Driver ID device would work in conjunction with technology that could be incorporated into steering wheels that would detect the level of alcohol in a driver’s blood, according to John Carroll, chief technology officer at the Waterloo-based Sober Steering Incorporated.

Computer engineers develop smart phone app to combat electric car anxiety

A team of students from Electrical and Computer engineering have found a way to take the anxiety out of knowing when and where to charge your electric vehicle by using your smart phone.

“That anxiety is very real,” said Khaja Shazzad a PhD student in associate professor Kemal Tepe’s Wireless Communication and Information Processing Research Lab (WiCIP), located in the new Centre for Engineering Innovation.