Christine Wellington

Lancers step up to the plate to encourage healthy eating

What’s blue and gold and encourages UWindsor students to eat healthy during exams? Lancer varsity athletes!

When nutritionist Chris Wellington wanted to promote healthy diet choices on video screens at Food Services outlets across campus, she knew just where to turn.

“What sends a better message about eating right than images of our Lancers?” she asked. “They are the embodiment of the healthy balance we hope all our students will strive for.”

Supermarket tour to introduce international students to Canadian food shopping

Walking through a Canadian grocery store, there are healthy choices in every aisle—if you know how to find them, says Chris Wellington.

A registered dietitian at the Windsor Family Health Team and a sessional instructor in nursing, she has started a one-year contract as a nutritionist with Food Services, Student Health Services and Residence Services. She will conduct a tour of the Metro supermarket this Sunday, September 16. It is aimed at international students but everyone is welcome.