Dani Zimmer

Dani Zimmer as Matilde and Diana Ruffolo as Virginia in a scene from the University Players comedy “The Clean House.”Dani Zimmer as Matilde and Diana Ruffolo as Virginia are surprised to discover a pair of panties that don’t belong, in a scene from the comedy “The Clean House,” opening this weekend at Essex Hall Theatre. Photo by Doug MacLellan.

Theatre ticket carries chance at tuition remission for UWindsor students

An $8 UWindsor student ticket to the University Players’ production of the Clean House includes a ballot for a chance to win $1,000 in tuition.

Professional presentation sparks campus pride

New signage premiered at Friday’s open house won approval from UWindsor faculty and staff and presented a professional image to guests, says assistant provost Dave Bussière.

“We have had phenomenal buy-in from areas across campus,” he says. “So many people have come up to express the pride they feel when they see these materials.”

The new signs included retractable banners for each faculty, used to promote programs at the information fair, and large flags planted around the perimeter of campus and outside key sites for visitors.