Nigel Hussey

Nigel HusseyUWindsor researcher Nigel Hussey spoke to The Society for Marine Mammalogy about advancing an ecosystem field approach to understand and manage aquatic predators during its 22nd Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals in Halifax on Thursday, October 26.

Researcher makes waves at marine mammal conference

UWindsor researcher Nigel Hussey gave an address at the biennial conference of the Society for Marine Mammalogy.

Nigel Hussey placing a tracking deviceUWindsor researcher Nigel Hussey recently published an article arguing that sharing data resulting from tagging and tracking aquatic species is important to effectively protect ecosystems.

Data sharing next step in aquatic animal monitoring: researcher

An article on the importance creating a global centralized network where researchers share aquatic species monitoring data to properly manage aquatic resources on a global scale.