Norm Becker

Philip Waier, Joseph Cohoon, Henry Regts, David Strelchuk, Harold Horneck, Norm BeckerMembers of the Class of 1967 visit Essex Hall, formerly the engineering building: Philip Waier, Joseph Cohoon, Henry Regts, David Strelchuk, and Harold Horneck. Not pictured: Norm Becker.

Engineering’s Class of 1967 shares benefits of its experience

In Canada’s centennial year, 13 civil engineering graduates from Ontario’s newest public university entered into an unsuspecting world to compete for internship positions against those who graduated from older, more prestigious institutions.

In 2017, six members of the class returned to campus to rekindle friendships and poke fun at their convincing old men disguises.

UWindsor adjunct professor Norm Becker (BASc 1967, PhD 1970) put pen to paper on behalf of his classmates to offer observations and suggestions to those following in their footsteps.

Norm BeckerIn a professional career of more than 50 years, UWindsor engineering grad Norm Becker has inspired hundreds of students.

Grad makes engineering a helping profession

Although Norm Becker (BASc 1967, PhD 1970) has worked all over the globe, he always maintained a close relationship with the university.