Fundraising campaign hoping to find fertile soil

This year’s Annual Giving Program will enable employees to make a double gift of sorts, says campaign chair Bruce Tucker.

In line with the campaign theme of Plant a Seed, every donation will be represented by a flower in a planting outside the Leddy Library.

“The garden is being completely redone, and the plant material and labour for the landscaping is donated by Facility Services,” says Dr. Tucker, associate vice-president, academic affairs. “It will make a big contribution to the beautification of the campus.”

He says the symbolism is obvious but he hopes it proves effective.

“As educators, we plant the seeds and watch them grow as our students develop,” he says. “Supporting the university with a financial contribution is like the sunshine and the rain.”

Development officer Mona Dosen says that payroll deduction is a convenient way for UWindsor employees to give.

“Over the past two years, we have attracted 186 new donors among our faculty and staff,” she says. “More than 30 percent participate now, which is an incredible rate.”

She says that donations from faculty and staff over the past two years totalled more than $500,000.

Plant a Seed logoDosen is assembling volunteer canvassers for a campaign kick-off Tuesday. If you received an invitation but have not yet RSVPed, please do so by e-mailing her at