Helping hand flies over university campus

Canvassers for the United Way got a boost Monday as UWindsor president Alan Wildeman raised the charity's flag outside Chrysler Hall Tower.

The campus campaign has entered its annual blitz. Volunteers will soon approach faculty and staff for donations and pledges to the charity, which funds local projects. All employees who make a contribution will be entered into a prize draw. Keep reading DailyNews for details.

United Way flag

Helping hands: UWindsor President Alan Wildeman (centre) raises the banner of the United Way outside Chrysler Hall Tower yesterday. Flanking him are the charity’s resource development manager Danielle Moldovan and CEO Penelope Marrett; they were joined for the occasion by campaign volunteers John McGinlay, Datta Pillay, Jeri Baldwin, Heather Douglas, Linda Ruccolo, Soula Serra, Chelsie MacIlwain, Candy Donaldson and Lynn McLeod.