United by facial hair, professors form Faculty of Mo

They call themselves the Faculty of Mo.

Dave Andrews, a professor in the Faculty of Human Kinetics and Phil Graniero, an associate professor in Earth and Environmental Sciences, have teamed up to raise funds for prostate cancer research by growing their moustaches during what is quickly becoming universally recognized as the month of “Movember.”

Dr. Andrews, who is participating in the event for the first time, had a moustache for about nine years before he was married almost 20 years ago, but hasn’t worn one since. These days it comes in a little more on the grey side, which has resulted in a lot of good-natured ribbing from some of his first-year students who are also taking part.

“They told me I should ‘Just-For-Men’ it,” he said.

This is the third year Dr. Graniero is participating. He recently ran into a friend who he hadn’t seen in a while but had heard that he was growing in his moustache for the event.

“As soon as she saw me, she said ‘Is that all you got?’” he said.

Between the two of them, the professors have raised almost $500 so far. Globally, the movement has raised $43 million, with about $16.5 million of that coming from Canada, which is leading the world in donations, Graniero said.

Funds from the event go to Prostate Cancer Canada which provides support resources for men and their families, and strives to improve patient care and develop a national research strategy. Additionally, Movember funds have enabled PCC to start a comprehensive survivor support program.

If you’d like to contribute to the Faculty of Mo, you can sponsor them here.

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