Math student to attend Summer School for Women in August

This summer school isn’t remedial – it’s an honour.

Rachel Mok Tze Chung, a second-year student in mathematics and statistics, is one of 16 women from across Canada invited to the two-week Summer School for Women in Math Conference in Waterloo this August.

The conference is intended to encourage attendees to continue on to graduate work in mathematics. The program will provide both enrichment of the undergraduate curriculum and a research component in a collaborative environment.

“I wasn’t expecting to get in,” says Mok Tze Chung. “I was really surprised.”

A member of the President’s Honour Roll, she holds an Outstanding Scholars appointment and last semester served a placement with professor Zhiguo Hu, working with the document markup language LaTeX.

Her expenses, including transportation and accommodation, are fully covered by the conference organizers and sponsors: the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, the Canadian Mathematical Society, the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and the University of Waterloo.

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