Art education practice subject of colloquium

Rita Irwin, professor of art education and curriculum studies and associate dean of teacher education at the University of British Columbia, will explore the research methodology, creative practice and performative pedagogy of “a/r/tography” in a free public colloquium Tuesday, March 27, at 5 p.m. in room 2222, Neal Education Building.

The event is the last this semester in the Educational Research Colloquium Series.

According to Irwin, “Rather than residing in an endless critique of past experience and bodies of knowledge, a/r/tography is concerned with the creative invention of concepts.”

In her lecture, entitled “Becoming A/r/tography,” she argues “Rather than asking what an art work or an art education practice means, the question becomes what does this art education practice set in motion do?”

Irwin’s research interests have spanned in-service art education, teacher education, socio-cultural issues, and curriculum practices across K-12 and informal learning settings. Her most recent co-edited books include Revisions: Readings in Canadian Art Teacher Education co-edited with Kit Grauer and Mike Emme and Being with A/r/tography co-edited with Stephanie Springgay, Carl Leggo, and Peter Gouzouasis.