Event to provide one-stop shopping for researchers with questions

Busy faculty members often have many questions about developing and managing a research program but don’t always know the right person to ask. A special event will bring together a wealth of experience in one room to provide them with the answers they need, according to Natasha Wiebe.

“It’s a one-stop shopping kind of event targeted for time-starved faculty,” said Dr. Wiebe, a research funding officer in the Office of Research Services. “We’re talking about a pool of collective knowledge and experience here.”

Night of the Round Table will be similar to a speed-dating style of event and is geared specifically for researchers in social sciences, the humanities, and health.

Whether you’re a researcher looking for funding, or one who already has a grant, this will be the event for you, Wiebe said. The event will last about 90 minutes and various experts will be seated at tables and available to answer questions related to:

  • budgets
  • clinical health research
  • knowledge mobilization and translation
  • peer review of draft grant applications
  • publicizing research
  • research ethics

The event will be held in the Oak Room at Vanier Hall on May 1 at 4 pm. There is limited seating, so Wiebe said people should reserve their spots early. She can be contacted at ext. 3953 or at nwiebe@uwindsor.ca