Student touts military as exemplary employer

After almost three years in the naval reserves, Kelvin Beaudoin says the experience is worth more than the money. An able seaman, the first-year philosophy and sociology student works as a resource management support clerk at the HMCS Hunter.

“For my trade, many of the skills I’m learning now are transferable to civilian jobs,” Beaudoin says. “I’ve learned communication, organization and team working skills.”

He is paid for his work, but also received $2,000 toward his university tuition.

“I joined the military mostly to pay off my tuition, but also to prepare for my future career,” says Beaudoin, who plans a career in law enforcement after his graduation.

He says he is pleased with the reserves as a part-time job: “I was iffy myself about the military, but after being in for a while, I would definitely recommend it to friends.”

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— photo and story by Andrew Rorai