Graduate assistants appreciate building student skills

Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson.

Being a mature student gives him advantages in his work as a graduate assistant in visual arts, says MFA student Bruce Thompson.

“I have a lot of life experience and can offer a different perspective,” he says. “I also feel that being older, I am doing a better job than I might have done earlier on, understanding that learning is a two-way process: in fact, I relish the interplay of ideas and exchange of experiences and perceptions, as we look for common ground.”

Thompson works in a studio class and spends a lot of time mentoring individuals.

“I can help them with techniques and approaches, as they build their own skill set,” he says.

His testimonial is one that will be displayed during GA/TA Celebration Day, Thursday, November 29, in the CAW Student Centre, describing the breadth of experience enjoyed by graduate and teaching assistants in programs across the campus.

Lisa Plant

Lisa Plant.

Lisa Plant, a doctoral student in psychology, says she wouldn’t give away her time as a GA for the world.

“I enjoy all aspects of working as a GA: I like lesson development and teaching labs, even making and grading tests, exams and assignments, but I especially enjoy working with the students,” she says.

Plant says she likes to share how she learns and encourages students to build their organizational skills.

“I’ve always wanted to teach and to help people learn better; this has really been the first avenue for me to put this into practice,” she says.

GA/TA Celebration Day will run 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, November 29, in the CAW Student Centre Commons.

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