University leadership: Nursing and Arts and Social Sciences

With the start of 2013, DailyNews will over the next few days list the leadership in each of the academic areas. Today, current appointments in the faculties of Nursing and Arts and Social Sciences:


  • Dean of Nursing: Linda Patrick

Arts and Social Sciences

  • Dean of Arts and Social Sciences: Robert Orr
  • Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs: Lionel Walsh
  • Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies: Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale
  • Head, Department of Communications, Media and Film: Valerie Scatamburlo-D’annibale
  • Director, School of Dramatic Art: Tina Pugliese
  • Head, Department of English Language, Literature & Creative Writing: Carol Davison
  • Head, Department of History: Miriam Wright
  • Director, Humanities Research Group: Antonio Rossini
  • Director, Labour Studies Program: Alan Hall
  • Head, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures: Dietmar Lage
  • Head, Department of Philosophy: Jeff Noonan
  • Head, Department of Political Science: John Sutcliffe
  • Acting Head of the Department of Psychology: Catherine Kwantes
  • Acting Director, School for Arts and Creative Innovation: Cecil Houston
  • Director, School of Social Work: Brett Angell
  • Acting Head, Department of Sociology and Anthropology: Janice Drakich
  • Director, Centre for Studies in Social Justice: Tanya Basok
  • Director, Women's Studies Program: Anne Forrest

— by Chantelle Myers