Luncheon fêtes 2013 graduates of Outstanding Scholars program

The Outstanding Scholars program made Nathalie Hinchey an offer she couldn’t refuse.

The Hamilton native had considered studying at another university, but the combination of financial incentives and the chance to engage in research was too good to pass up. The mathematics students was part of this year’s class of graduating Outstanding Scholars honoured with a luncheon reception Wednesday.

She says the program, which provides high-achieving undergraduate students with scholarships and access to professional training, gave her opportunities unavailable anywhere else.

“I really appreciate the proximity and relationships I have developed with faculty,” says Hinchey.

She hopes the experience she has gained through her academic appointment will give her a head start as she pursues graduate study.

Her classmate Hira Abdul Ghani, a mathematics major, says the program taught her skills in time management, with a demanding schedule of research assignments on top of coursework. Still, she says the scholarship support attracted her to Windsor.

“I am paying for university myself, so I appreciate the money,” says Abdul Ghani. “After paying tuition, there was even some left to help pay for textbooks.”

Wednesday’s luncheon also celebrated the program’s first graduates from labour studies: Adam Bulkiewicz and Jessica Toldo.