T-shirt with UWindsor logoSecretary Sandy Van Zetten won this UWindsor T-shirt in a trivia contest on the history of some campus buildings.

Contest winner builds up historic win

Sandy Van Zetten turned her history on the University campus to good use, winning Monday’s DailyNews quiz and the prize of a T-shirt imprinted with the new UWindsor logo.

Van Zetten, a secretary in the Department of Political Science, has more than 30 years of UWindsor experience—long enough, she says, to have worked in the Math Building when it was known as the Math Building. Her entry was drawn from those who correctly answered all the questions. For those playing along,

  1. Chrysler Hall was formerly known as Windsor Hall;
  2. Electa Hall is still standing while the Cody, Huron and Tecumseh residences have been demolished;
  3. Erie Hall and Lambton Tower were once known collectively as the Math Building;
  4. a plaque in Memorial Hall dedicates it to former students of Assumption College who gave their lives in the Second World War; and
  5. Vanier Hall is named to honour former Governor General of Canada Georges Vanier.

To help celebrate the University of Windsor’s 50th anniversary, DailyNews will run a contest each Monday, offering a prize donated by the University Boookstore. Today’s prize, a 100 percent cotton T-shirt with the full-colour logo, is available for purchase from the Bookstore’s kiosk in the CAW Student Centre at $13.96.

Celebrating 50 years