Shahida Nurullah Voice teacher and vocalist Shahida Nurullah will perform in the Kerrytown Concert House’s annual Jazz Masters Series on Saturday, June 29.

Music instructor to perform in jazz masters series

Voice teacher and vocalist Shahida Nurullah will join the Tad Weed Trio for a performance at the Kerrytown Concert House on Saturday, June 29.

The concert, part of the annual Jazz Masters Series, will begin at 8 p.m. Guests will enjoy an evening of jazz accompanied by informal dialogue with the artists, receiving a rare glimpse into the artists’ musical lives.

The trio includes pianist Tad Weed, drummer Sean Dobbins and bassist Kurt Krahnke.

Tickets range from $15-30, with a student admission of $5. The Kerrytown Concert House is located at 415 North 4th Avenue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For tickets or more information, phone 734-769-2999.