Posters to present Chinese views on Canadian culture

A group of students from China’s Southwest University will present their projects looking into Canadian history and culture, Friday on the UWindsor campus.

The 13 students are in Windsor for a summer program that provides them with international experience and education in some of the University’s core strengths, says Diana Kao, who spearheaded its development.

“These students are among the elite of an institution that has 50,000 undergraduates on its campus, and another 100,000 involved in distance education,” she says. “Their administrators recognize that coming to Windsor will produce a well-rounded graduate.”

Among the topics the group is studying are effective communication, fundamental research theory and practice, negotiation and cross-cultural skills, global leadership and teamwork, and Canadian history and culture.

The series of seminars is drawing participation from faculty members in many disciplines, says Dr. Kao: “We are able to mobilize people from different parts of the campus to demonstrate our world-class resources.”

She hopes the pilot project will develop into a larger-scale program that will have appeal to partner institutions.

“This represents an opportunity for us to build an international reputation for the excellence of our facilities and our expertise,” Kao says.

The Southwest University students will present their posters on Canadian culture Friday, August 9, at 2:30 p.m. in the International Student Centre on the second floor of Laurier Hall. The presentations are open to the campus community.