Changes to academic integrity process win student approval

Changes to make the University’s judicial panel process more transparent have ended a boycott of academic integrity procedures by members of the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA), the Graduate Student Society (GSS), and the Organization of Part-Time University Students (OPUS).

UWindsor president Alan Wildeman said he is pleased to have addressed the student groups’ concerns and to resume the work of judicial panels.

“We share with students the desire to see academic integrity upheld at the University of Windsor, and handled in a way that is fair and reasonable for students across campus,” he said.

Among the changes are student input into the temporary appointment of a Judicial Panels and Hearings Officer and the University’s sponsorship of a handbook explaining to students their academic rights.

While the changes resolve some short-term issues, UWSA president Rob Crawford said the students will work with administration to address more general concerns about the academic integrity procedure: “We do not view these issues as something that would prevent our participation in the judicial process.”