Albert EinsteinA forum on “Science and Public Understanding” will celebrate Einstein’s 135th birthday, March 14.

Panel to consider ways to advance public understanding of science

How do we advance public understanding of critical scientific research? Does Canadian research have any global significance? What kind of research should government support? Do researchers have an obligation to report impending dangers? How do we ensure that reporting is not biased by special interests and corporate agendas?

A public forum Friday, March 14, will feature a panel discussion on the importance of science and an informed public for our future and for a well-functioning democracy.

Panelists include:

  • Michael Gilbertson, co-founder and chief scientist of Getting to Know Cancer, former chair of the International Joint Commission’s Council of Great Lakes Researchers, and author of papers on environmental and health effects of organic pollutants;
  • Alan Trenhaile, a University Professor in Earth and Environmental Sciences and an expert in costal geomorphology and effects of climate change;
  • Mita Williams, the user experience librarian and chair of the web team in the Leddy Library, with expertise on digital storage and retrieval; and
  • Charles Macdonald, associate dean of graduate studies in the Faculty of Science and professor of inorganic chemistry.

The event is held in celebration of Pi Day (3.14) and the 135th birthday of theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. It begins at 7:30 p.m. at Canada South Science City, 930 Marion Avenue.