Leesa Farah, Aliya Hirani, Rafif Hajsaleh and Tim Paul.The Enactus Windsor financial education presenters (clockwise from bottom left): Leesa Farah, Aliya Hirani, Rafif Hajsaleh and Tim Paul.

Teamwork key to success, say award-winning business students

Ask the members of Enactus Windsor to explain their success at the regional exhibition March 13 and 14 in Toronto, and it doesn’t take long for them to cite teamwork.

The student group, based in the Odette School of Business, is dedicated to entrepreneurial action to shape a better world. Windsor fielded teams to compete in three challenges involving the development and delivery of projects:

  • Entrepreneurship Challenge to teach relevant entrepreneurship skills to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs (Alex Michailoff, Georgina Sahota, Jacob Arcas and Prabh Sekhon)
  • Financial Education Challenge to teach others relevant financial skills (Leesa Farah, Tim Paul, Rafif Hajsaleh and Aliya Hirani)
  • EcoLiving Green Challenge to teach others viable solutions to relevant environmental issues (Andrew Moukled, Peter Corio and Katie Zajner)

and took top honours in the first two categories, finishing third in EcoLiving.

“We were each able to develop our skills so all of us were able to communicate what made our projects unique,” says Farah, one of the presenters in financial education. “That was the strength we drew on, and it impressed the judges.”

The team decided to focus on a single individual’s experience within the program, using her progress to highlight key components of the curriculum they had developed.

“We were the only ones to really tell a story, and we were able to portray it well,” Paul says.

The students say the confidence they have gained at the Central Canada competition will make their team even stronger when they travel to Calgary for the national exhibition, April 28 to 30.

“I am excited to go to nationals,” says Paul. “Hopefully we can continue to communicate what our program accomplished so people can see the impact we are making in our community.”

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