Law professor Donna Marie EansorLaw professor Donna Marie Eansor is at Queen’s University this week for induction as a 3M National Teaching Fellow.

Conference to mark law professor’s admission as teaching fellow

Law professor Donna Marie Eansor is at Queen’s University this week as a 3M National Teaching Fellow to take part in the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education’s annual conference and be officially admitted to the fellowship.

The 3M National Teaching Fellowship was established in 1986 as a way to reward excellence in university teaching and leadership. Eansor is one of fewer than 290 teachers Canada-wide to be recognized in the award’s history and only one of three from UWindsor.

She is the first female 3M Fellow in UWindsor’s history and was recognized for her 29 years of dedication to social justice, equity and equality with the Faculty of Law. Eansor says she is “deeply honoured” to have been admitted to the fellowship and views herself as representative of the many stellar teachers across the University of Windsor campus.

“As law teachers, we aim to cultivate the potential for our students to exhibit excellence in professional competence and commitment to social and ethical responsibility and distinguish themselves as justice seekers for all Canadians, especially for equality-seeking groups,” she said in an article she wrote on the subject for Maclean’s magazine. “Good teaching ignites students’ sensitivity and capacity for seeking justice. As teachers, we lead students and they in turn learn to lead others. We begin to see beyond what we can do as individuals to what we can do for students, or for society. We teach and learn from each other about justice, fairness and equality.”

3M Fellows become life members of the society and will gather in Kingston from June 18 to 21 to network and discuss personal, professional and scholarly issues in higher education.

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