Lancer Cup poster imageThe Lancer Cup will foster school spirit through a series of competitions through UWindsor Welcome Week.

Competition designed to spawn tradition

A new campus-wide competition will combine several different categories of contest to build school spirit.

Although only in its first year, the Lancer Cup is designed to become a long-standing tradition, says coordinator Rob Crawford.

“We want to instill a sense of pride to students along with the idea that everyone at Windsor is a Lancer,” he says. “While it is important for us to welcome new students, our intention is to bridge a gap to bring upper-year and commuter students to inter-mix with the first years.”

The competition will field teams of six participants drawn from societies, clubs, groups, and faculties across campus in four contests:

  • Tough Lancer, a 5km “fun-run” designed by fitness coordinator Frank Jenney to test students’ physical fitness and mental toughness;
  • Bedracers, teams race against the clock—and each other—to push a bed on wheels carrying one of their members;
  • Lancers Got Talent, performances that allow participants to show their creative sides;
  • Crazy Olympics, testing teams on their problem-solving skills and ability to work together through 10 events.

When the dust settles and the points are tabulated, top teams will win prizes in UwinCASH—$1200, $600 and $300 for first, second and third place, respectively.

Sign up as an individual or a team of six through the online registration form.