Victoria Rubio holds her frequent soup buyer cardThird-year social work student Victoria Rubio, proud cardholder in Food Services’ frequent soup buyer program, celebrates the first stamp on her card.

Frequent buyer plans to encourage healthy eating

Frequent buyer programs for soup, salad and whole fruit are meant to promote healthy eating in campus Food Services outlets, says manager Jane Meunier.

The card-based plan offers a “buy nine, get the 10th free” incentive for each of these healthy choices.

“If it’s something you’re going to buy anyway, why not get an advantage?” Meunier says.

The Marketplace generally offers bananas, oranges and two varieties of apples, and also stocks peaches and pears when they are in season.

“We try to provide local fruit whenever we can,” says Meunier.

And while the soup program is long-standing, the addition of salad is new this semester. Meunier says the larger selection of ready-made salads in the Fresh-to-Go coolers, as well as the salad bar, prompted the change.

To join any of these three programs, just ask the cashier for a card next time you make an eligible purchase.