Members of Lancer NationMembers of Lancer Nation will cross the campus every Wednesday, handing out prize ballots to students wearing Lancer or UWindsor apparel.

Prize squad to issue rewards for showing Lancer pride

A new project of the Lancer Nation student club hopes to see the campus swathed in blue and gold—at least once a week.

Windsor Wednesdays” will send varsity athletes and volunteers to roam the campus each Wednesday and distribute ballots to students wearing Lancer- or UWindsor-themed apparel. The ballots may be entered into a draw to win prizes, including a gift card to the Campus Bookstore.

“The idea is to help create a sense of spirit on campus and to give Lancer athletes an opportunity to interact with other students,” says coordinator Rob Crawford. “It’s a big chance for them to be able to show their faces, so students will know the players when they go to the games. The fans won’t just see athletes; they’ll see their friends.”

His team also plans giveaways to the first 100 students found with their Windsor gear on the project’s launch: Wednesday, November 12.

“Traditions like this have to start somewhere,” Crawford says. “Lancer Nation wants every student to show the world how proud we are of the University of Windsor.”