detail of Arabic artwork depicting a poetry readingAn open mic night Thursday will feature poetry and prose from around the world.

Open mic night to bring world’s poetry to campus

An open mic night Thursday, January 22, at the Turtle Island Aboriginal Education Centre invites attendees to BYOP—bring your own poetry.

The event, entitled “The alchemy machine: poetry global,” is also open to readings of prose or the work of a favourite author, says organizer Richard Douglass-Chin, a professor in the Department of English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing.

“We want to make it a monthly event through which students can get exposed to poetry from all over the world, and where students from all over the world can share their own work,” he says.

If there is interest, it could lead to writing workshops or invitations to speakers who represent Canada’s diverse communities. Besides Turtle Island and the English department, it is sponsored by the International Student Centre.

The evening of poetry begins at 7 p.m. in the Aboriginal Education Centre, 496 Sunset Avenue.