A boy poses next to a chalk drawing expressing the wish for peace for Donbass.A boy poses next to a chalk drawing expressing the wish for peace for Donbass.

Campus conference to explore the crisis in Ukraine

Presenters from departments across campus will bring context to the Ukrainian crisis on Friday, March 20, for From Maidan to Donbass: The Ukraine Crisis in the Context of Western-Russian relations.

Five UWindsor researchers will bring their expertise in geography, law, political science and economics. In this free public two-panel conference, scholars will exchange their views on the origins, issues of contention and ways out of this international crisis.

The Maidan revolution followed by the annexation of the Crimea and a violent conflict in the Donbass region resulted in a dramatic deterioration of the relationship between Ukraine, Russia and the West.

Although the cooperation between Russia and the West has not collapsed altogether, with the two still able to work together on issues such as Iran’s nuclear program, tensions in and over Ukraine are so great that the risk of further escalation and possible military confrontation cannot be ruled out.

Two special guests from Wayne State University and the University of Ottawa will share their research on the illegality of Russian intervention and foreign policy perspectives.

The presentations run from 2 to 6:15 p.m. in room 203, Toldo Health Education Centre, hosted by the Department of Political Science and the Transnational Law and Justice Network.