Clayton Smith, Jessica Tetreault, Ibukunoluwa Adekoya, Karen BenzingerDean of students Clayton Smith (left) and Karen Benzinger (right), acting executive director of student affairs, congratulate student GEM awardees Jessica Tetreault and Ibukunoluwa Adekoya.

Students win recognition for going the extra mile

Creating a support group club, tutoring students going through difficult times, and escorting blind students from the university to their home and back every day, are just a few of the great deeds that Going the Extra Mile (GEM) award winners generously offered.

The awards are granted annually to three students, celebrating their sincere demonstration of empathy and support for one or more students during difficult times—including mental health stress, financial difficulties or academic challenges.

Ibukunoluwa Adekoya, Jessica Tetreault and Rana Allawnha are the three special students for this year. The students’ nominators had wonderful experiences to share and warm words to offer.

Tetreault’s nominators described the experience as a member of the support group club, UWindsor, as a big help in the journey to recovery. “For the first time in a long time, I feel like I belong to something important. For the first time, I feel like I am valued. For the first time, I have hope.”

Allawnha’s nominator said: “Rana is the reason I was successfully able to complete my undergraduate degree, and Rana has continued to support me in my academic, career-related, and personal goals.”

Adekoya, who goes out of her way to help the blind students, get them food and cater to their every inquiry, said she was not expecting to be nominated, yet is extremely honored by the award.

Both Tetreault and Adekoya expressed how overwhelmed they are to receive the award, and are now more eager to continue their exceptional activities.

The student awards are part of a series given in support of the student affairs “going the extra mile” approach to supporting students throughout their experience, Learn more about GEM awards on the division’s website.