Sherry Palcit holds aloft a "I peed today" T-shirtPublic health nurse Sherry Palcit challenges students to join a bid to set a world record for the most participants in a mass testing for sexually transmitted infections.

Campus sets Canadian record for health screening participation

Even after organizers ran out of free “I peed today” T-shirts, UWindsor students and employees lined up Monday to take part in a record-setting mass screening for sexually transmitted infections.

Exactly 700 people underwent testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea by providing urine samples in cups. The number eclipsed the previous national record of 516 set by Western University, but fell short of a world record.

“The T-shirts ran out at 600,” said Judi Wilson, health promotion nurse in Student Health Services. “Students were still excited to be tested in support of the event.”

Nursing student Regina Yuen said there was a greater draw than the reward of a T-shirt.

“I believe events like this offer a great education to students in regards to sexual health,” she said.

The health unit will test the specimens and follow up directly with individuals as necessary.