stickers reading: I'm dressed this way for United WayA $50 donation to the United Way entitles UWindsor employees to a year's worth of casual-dress Thursdays.

Charity pass earns a year’s worth of weekly casual dress days

Annual passes entitling employees to participate in casual dress days each Thursday are now available for just $50 from the campus campaign for United Way.

The University has approved casual dress days every Thursday through 2016. The donation is tax deductible and the United Way will issue income tax receipts at the end of the year. Individuals may also opt to purchase a sticker each week in exchange for a $2 donation to the United Way.

Anita Bondy, marketing coordinator for the Centre for Executive and Professional Education, has been a pass holder for three years.

“At just $50, it’s a steal of a deal!” she says. “I have some great jeans that I love to wear to the office and I get a tax deduction—such a bonus.”

The passes are available for purchase from members of University of Windsor United Way campaign committee: Datta Pillay, Sheri Lowrie, Soula Serra, Kevin Johnson, Rachel McRae and Susan Maxwell.