Brendan Kinnon, Lisa Kiritsis, Eleanor LeBlanc, Morgan Corbett-CollinsDrama students Brendan Kinnon (left) and Morgan Corbett-Collins (right) of Club SODA present theatre tickets as a sign of appreciation to Lisa Kiritsis and Eleanor LeBlanc of the campus health and safety office.

Health and safety office earns gratitude of drama students

A delegation from the drama student society Club SODA showed appreciation to the health and safety office last week, presenting its staff with tickets to the current University Players production, Dancing at Lughnasa.

The club’s public affairs representative, Brendan Kinnon, called the office an integral part of the campus.

“We do so much work in Essex Hall, and we truly appreciate your work to ensure that the processes and procedures in Essex Hall’s laboratories are safe for our students and our patrons who attend UP performances,” he said.

Dancing at Lughnasa tells the story of the Mundy family in the rural Ireland of 1936. The play’s run continues through March 13 in the Hatch Studio Theatre. Find tickets at or by calling the box office at 519-253-3000, ext. 2808.