Douglas Kneale, Laurette DubéProvost Douglas Kneale congratulates nursing student Laurette Dubé on her win in March’s Question of the Month contest.

Failure can pave road to success, says contest winner

The path to success often leads through failure, says fourth-year nursing student Laurette Dubé. Her definition of student success earned her a UWindsor hoodie in the provost’s Question of the Month contest.

“Student success is becoming your full you. Even if that means failing once, twice, or 16 times,” Dubé wrote. “There are 26 letters in the alphabet. You have options even if that means Plan Z. And if that doesn’t work, Roman numerals are unlimited.”

Read her entire response to the March question “How do you define student success?” on the contest website, along with excerpts selected from among more than 150 received.

Provost Douglas Kneale said he was pleased to meet Dubé when she came to his office to collect her prize Tuesday.

“Laurette is a terrific representative of the University of Windsor—hard-working, energetic, committed to her profession and community, caring, and smart,” he said. “It was a pleasure to have an opportunity to talk with her.”

He invites student responses to April’s question: “What on-campus experiences have had the greatest influence on your future plans?” Entrants will have another chance to win a UWindsor sweatshirt. To be eligible, send answers to before April 30.