Workshops in the Summer Series on Teaching and Learning run August 16 to 18

Series of workshops to explore principles and practices of pedagogy

The Summer Series on Teaching and Learning offers opportunities to explore the principles and practices of effective pedagogy.

Workshops run August 16 to 18 and include:

  • Begin at the Beginning: Designing Effective Courses by Lorna de Witt
    This session will include guiding principles to achieve alignment: coordinating assessment, learning outcomes, and teaching methods.
  • See the Universe Through the Eyes of Another: Culturally Aware Assessment by Emma Bourassa and Chris Busch
    This session will explore what may prevent students from producing high quality assignments—particularly differences in communication and cultural styles. Participants will also be able to analyze and revise one of their own assignments.
  • Experiential Learning: Nothing Ever Becomes Real ’til it is Experienced by Marty Gervais and Roger Bryan
    This workshop will explore a partnership between English and business to offer an experiential learning opportunity to students and the ways others may foster similar initiatives.
  • Assessing Student Learning: The End Precedes the Beginning by Erika Kustra and Jeremy Rawson
    This workshop will explore effective practices and foundational principles for good assessment: alignment with learning outcomes, considerations for the design, and balancing workload.
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread: eAssessment by Erica Stevens Abbitt, Mark Lubrick, Tanya Noel, Lorna Stolarchuk, and Bill Wellington
    This workshop will review theory and best practices in eAssessment, including experiences and recommendations from faculty members using different tools.
  • Engaging Students and Learning to Engage by Veronika Mogyorody
    This session will define the concepts and introduce the process for developing a course plan that actively engages students.
  • Soup to Nuts: Supporting the Development of Student Core Skills by Tamsin Bolton Bacon, Anne Forrest, Dale Jacobs, Francine Schlosser, Jennifer Soutter, and Myra Tawfik
    These interactive roundtable discussions will focus on the many ways faculty can support student core skills: critical thinking, information literacy, leadership, numeracy, and writing.

Register for any of these sessions, as well as for a free barbecue at noon August 18, on the website of the Centre for Teaching and Learning.