Medals to adorn top-achieving students

The student awards office has announced winners of the Board of Governors in course medals.

These medallists are ranked by major average and must achieve a cumulative average of at least 83 per cent:

  • Arts: Robert Lahoud
  • Social Sciences: Stephanie Sarah Nardone
  • Business Administration: Marissa Sabrina Biasi
  • Engineering: Alex Michael Smith
  • Law – JD: Dragana Bukejlovic
  • Law – Dual JD: Raffaella Rullo
  • Human Kinetics: Paige Coyne
  • Nursing: Nicole Danielle Couvillon
  • Science: Dan Ursu
  • Inter-Faculty: Yasin Mustafa Avci
  • Education: Marie Josee Guindon

The recipients are still working toward their degrees and await recognition in their individual faculties.