drama students selling University Players ticketsDrama majors are appearing across campus to ensure their fellow students are aware of the University Players theatre company.

Campaign seeks to boost student turnout for University Players

The production arm of the School of Dramatic Art, University Players mounts six theatre productions each year, yet some UWindsor students remain unaware of its existence, says Zack Grosh.

“Less than 10 per cent of our audience is students,” he says.

House manager for the company, the drama major has launched a promotional campaign aimed at increasing student attendance. He and fellow drama students have been out on campus: selling tickets, talking to people and offering a variety of activities aimed at boosting awareness of the theatre troupe.

Grosh says that going to a play is a good way to see rising stars. Many graduates from the drama program go on to successful careers in the field.

“This is the Canadian theatre scene that everybody strives for,” he says, “the cultural identity that we as Canadians are looking for.”

Watch for his group of actors and staff as they stage appearances at locations across campus.

The Clean House, the second play of the University Players season, opened on Friday and will run until Sunday, October 30.

For tickets and more information on upcoming events, visit the University Players Facebook page or website.

—Loren Mastracci