Colourful signs around the campus pose the contending questions to passersby.Colourful signs around the campus pose the contending questions to passersby.

Voting now open in research question competition

Voting has begun in the Leddy Library’s annual research question competition, which invites insightful, innovative and inspiring avenues for inquiry.

“This year’s competition has some really provocative questions, and some funnier ones as well,” says librarian Dave Johnston, who organizes the contest as a precursor to the UWill Discover undergraduate research conference.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for our students to ask questions,” he says. “We hope they will participate in UWill Discover, and share their research and creative work with the world through Leddy’s online publication resource, Scholars Portal.”

The contest offers three $50 prizes, one each for:

  • the question that receives the most votes;
  • a question selected at random; and
  • a voter selected at random.

Members of the University community may view the submitted questions online and cast a vote for their favourites until Friday, November 4.

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