graphic: It All Adds Up

It All Adds Up campaign frees students from career-related stress

Co-op, Career and Employment Services will host the “It All Adds Up” campaign as part of Canada Career Month. A launch event will take place in the CAW Student Centre Commons on Monday, November 7, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The campaign will help students with career decisions and planning, as these can be very stressful. Representative from CCES will help participants find value in their daily accomplishments and life experiences.

During the campaign, student engagement leaders will set up pop-up stations around campus, inviting students to describe how their school, work, life or volunteer experiences help with their career-building skills.

Participants will have their responses and photograph posted to social media #UWinaddsup as part of the national #ItAllAddsUp event.

As an added incentive to attend Monday’s launch, participants will be eligible to enter a draw for tickets to the November 17 Georgie-Odette Leadership Symposium.

—Loren Mastracci