Human kinetics professor Jess DixonHuman kinetics professor Jess Dixon will receive the Excellence in Mentoring Award from the alumni association Thursday.

Alumni to pay homage to excellent mentors

Two members of the University of Windsor faculty will be honoured for their efforts to guide their students when the Alumni Association holds its annual general meeting Thursday.

Peter FriseMechanical, automotive and materials engineering professor Peter Frise and kinesiology professor Jess Dixon will receive the Excellence in Mentoring Award for their contributions to the development — personal, academic and professional — of students before and after their graduation.

“Mentoring must be continual chain of effort that extends throughout the relationships in one’s life,” says Dr. Frise. “This means that all senior people, in any organization, should reach out and play a role in helping junior people to succeed in their own careers. This is doubly true in a university such as ours — and that is why this award means so much to me.”

Frise has a reputation as a leader in his field, both as an educator and as the long-time leader of the Auto21 research network.

Dr. Dixon, a UWindsor alumnus himself (MHK 2003), is known for his tireless support for his students, reflected in the many letters of support received with his nomination for the award.

Wrote one former graduate students: “He always listened in a supportive manner and never dismissed my concerns, bit challenged me to be the best I could be.”

Other awards to be presented Thursday include the Odyssey Award recognizing graduates in the early years of their careers and the Alumni Award of Merit — more about this year’s recipient in a future edition of DailyNews.