students crowd around dogNow that’s relaxing: Prince, an eight-year-old border collie, demonstrates calming techniques Monday in the CAW Student Centre. Certified therapeutic dogs have a return engagement on campus Wednesday.

Students seek counsel from Dr. Doggie Bowser

Students crowded into the Ambassador Auditorium on Monday to seek an audience with some of the most popular therapists on campus — the certified dogs of Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

Education student Erika Corey said she appreciated the opportunity to go to the dogs.

“It’s a nice break from working on assignments,” she said as she petted Prince, an eight-year-old border collie.

The session was a break for Prince, too. He has a day job on a farm, helping to corral horses as his breed was developed to herd sheep.

The Paws from Stress event will return to the CAW Student Centre from noon to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 29.