Students, staff and faculty can host UWindsor’s Snapchat account for a day

Are you a member of a club with an event you want to cover live? Are you a student on exchange who would like to share your experience? Do you want to share a typical day in the life of a UWindsor student? Are you a faculty member who would like to share exciting new research?

Show your story on Snapchat, the image messaging app. The University is now lending out its Snapchat account to members of the UWindsor community for a day.

To apply, Snapchatters must provide details regarding when and how they would like to use the channel. Students must also obtain a recommendation from a faculty member detailing why they are good representatives of the University.

To apply for access to the Snapchat account, contact social media co-ordinator Tim Brunet at And if you aren’t yet following the University on Snapchat, use the snapcode above or the username: uwindsor.

Emily Burden