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National symbols subject of quiz contest

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Campus Bookstore is offering DailyNews readers a chance to win a T-shirt that is perfect for displaying your national pride.

The Canadian-designed shirt is made by the Dubwear Clothing Co. Available in a range of sizes, it is 100 per cent cotton and bright red bearing a white maple leaf with the words “Canada: 150 years,” circled by “University of Windsor: Established 1857.” One winner will receive this $10.95 value absolutely free.

To enter the contest, just answer the following questions on Canada’s national symbols. The winner will be selected at random from all correct responses received by 4 p.m. Tuesday, June 27.

  1. The maple leaf standard rose over Parliament Hill as the national flag in 1965. The white field in the centre officially occupies what ratio of the flag’s length?
    a) one-quarter
    b) one-third
    c) two-fifths
    d) one-half
    e) two-thirds
  2. In what year did the beaver receive official status as a symbol of Canadian sovereignty?
    a) 1759
    b) 1814
    c) 1867
    d) 1967
    e) 1975
  3. O Canada was proclaimed Canada’s national anthem in 1980. Currently under consideration in the Senate, Bill C-210 would make what change to its English lyrics?
    a) substitute “home and cherished land” for the words “home and native land”
    b) substitute “of us” for the words “thy sons”
    c) substitute “we’ll keep” for the words “God keep”
    d) all of the above
    e) substitute the French lyrics entirely for the English version
  4. Under the 1994 National Sports of Canada Act, ice hockey was declared Canada’s national winter sport. What was declared the national summer sport?
    a) baseball
    b) Canadian football
    c) field hockey
    d) lacrosse
    e) soccer
  5. Which species of maple tree was recognized as Canada’s arboreal emblem in 1996?
    a) Manitoba maple
    b) red maple
    c) silver maple
    d) sugar maple
    e) none of the above; the generic maple species is Canada’s official arboreal emblem
  6. Inspired by the changing colours of the maple leaf through the seasons, what was declared an official national symbol in March 2011?
    a) Great Lakes Brewery Red Ale
    b) Maple Leaf Tartan
    c) maple sprinkles Timbit
    d) Red Rose tea
    e) red serge tunic of the RCMP
  7. In 2016, Canadian Geographic recommended which species as national bird of Canada?
    a) blue jay
    b) Canada goose
    c) common loon
    d) gray jay
    e) snowy owl

Contest is open to all readers of the DailyNews. Send an e-mail with your responses to One entry per contestant, please. Note: the decision of the judge in determining the most correct response is inviolable.