Peer advisor - hire ad

Students sought to assist peers in career development and job search

Career and Employment Services is seeking students to join its new team of peer advisors. Students hired in the role will support their schoolmates while learning ways to advance towards their own goals post-graduation.

“Our peer advisors will gain skills and receive training in the most up-to-date methods of job search,” says career consultant Krista Kelly. “The program is designed to help peers attain a set of well-defined core competencies overseen by professional staff members.”

The centre is seeking to hire peer advisors who will:

  • give individual advice on resumes, cover letters, and interview skills;
  • guide students to relevant print, online, and in-person resources;
  • lead workshops and presentations;
  • promote the centre’s services through engagement campaigns.

Kelly encourages faculty and staff to bring this opportunity to the attention of students they believe will make good candidates.

“We’re looking for enthusiastic students who demonstrate excellent leadership and mentorship skills,” she says.

Interested students must apply through the mySuccess system by August 13; applicants must commit to attending a full-day orientation session on August 25. Find more details on the program website.