beer pouring into glassA head for science: a tour of the Walkerville Brewery on August 26 will explore the microbiology of beer.

Brewery tour to explore the biology behind beer

Many people think of brewing beer as an art, but it also involves a lot of science, says Allison Mistakidis.

A research associate in the biology department, she has organized a tour of the Walkerville Brewery highlighting the body of knowledge in every bottle on Saturday, August 26.

The event will give participants insight into the brewing that happens in the biggest microbrewery in the city. Microbiologist Tanya Noel will make a presentation and says she is very excited to share everything she knows about beer.

“You may have heard the saying, ‘no science, no beer,’ and it’s true! There’s so much cool science when you look at how beer is made, and what contributes to all the variations in taste, look, and aromas of different beers,” Dr. Noel says. “I’m really looking forward to sharing some of the microbiology and biochemistry of brewing with other beer aficionados.”

Researchers from the University of Windsor will be on-hand to engage in discussion over a pint, says dean of science Chris Houser.

“We have a lot of amazing research happening here at the University of Windsor, and we encourage the public to come out to learn more,” Dr. Houser says. “This event is the first in a new series called Science on Tap to introduce residents of Windsor-Essex region to the exciting research being conducted by faculty and students in science at Windsor in a relaxed setting.”

Next Saturday’s activities will include tastings, two science-focused brewery tours, a beer-enthusiasts’ market, and the Beer Science Trivia challenge. Sponsored by the Faculty of Science, the event is run in conjunction with a national public engagement campaign by Evidence for Democracy.

Walkerville Brewery is located at 525 Argyle Road. Find additional details and an online ticket order form on the event website.