Aayush PatelComputer science student Aayush Patel shows off the sweatshirt he won in a draw sponsored by the Campus Bookstore.

Sweatshirt win makes a warm welcome for computing student

A new garment to help him through cold Canadian weather feels good, says Aayush Patel, and getting it free is even better.

Patel, a master’s student of applied computing, won a sweatshirt Wednesday in a draw sponsored by the Campus Bookstore. The store handed out ballots from its booth at the vendor fair held by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance outside the CAW Student Centre.

Marketing co-ordinator Martin Deck said he was pleased to offer entrants a hoodie bearing their major of study, with a retail value of $49.95.

“These faculty sweatshirts are one of our most popular items,” he said.

Learning his name had been drawn came as a pleasant surprise to Patel: “It’s really nice to win something after just a week here in Windsor!”