Professional development program to propel grad students to career success

Graduate students face a number of unique opportunities and challenges, but now there is help.

Propel, a program of the Faculty of Graduate Studies in partnership with Career Development and Experiential Learning, will provide professional development customized for grad students.

Propel offers workshops, resources, events, and career advising designed specifically to help these students develop knowledge, skills, and strategies to be successful in their studies and in their future careers.

“Professional development is an important complement to academic studies in preparing our graduate students for dynamic and engaging careers,” says Patti Weir, dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Office of Quality Assurance.

She points to diverse opportunities for graduates with advanced degrees in industry, government, academia, and the non-profit sector. Participating in professional development can train students to recognize these opportunities and give them information that will help them to become more competitive in the labour market and more confident in their professionalism.

Alison Samson, director of graduate academic services, agrees.

“Professional development equips students with a broad skill set and networking opportunities that can help identify potential career paths,” she says.

Propel workshops will cover such topics as:

  • how to best prepare for both academic and non-academic careers,
  • the differences between a resumé and a CV,
  • how to write a teaching dossier,
  • best practices in professional communications,
  • learning about stress reactions, and more.

Students can learn about and register for workshops and events through mySuccess.

Find resources offered through Propel on the program website:

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