Athletics and Recreational Services staff and Lancer varsity athletesAthletics and Recreational Services staff and Lancer varsity athletes served restaurant patrons and the community by volunteering for McHappy Day on Wednesday.

Athletics staff pitches in to make day McHappy

Volunteers from Athletics and Recreational Services helped to support children’s charities by serving patrons at the McDonald’s restaurant on Huron Church Road at College Avenue during celebrations of McHappy Day on Wednesday.

Franchises across the country donated a dollar from every sale of certain menu items to Ronald McDonald Houses and local causes. Since 1977, the project has helped raise more than $66 million, noted McDonald’s Canada founder George Cohon.

“It’s been remarkable to see what has been achieved and how many families have been helped over the past 41 years because of this annual event,” he said. “I’m so thrilled to see people continuing to pledge their support which is a true testimony to the impact that McHappy Day has on Canadian families.”

According to athletic director Mike Havey, his department has been participating for years.

“It’s a great cause and one close to the hearts of our Lancer family,” he said. “We’re always looking for ways to contribute to the community.”