finance formsThe procurement office reminds clients to use them most up-to-date versions of its forms.

Finance issues new procurement forms

The procurement office in the Finance Department has issued new and improved versions of these forms:

  • AP07 Supplier Direct Deposit Form
  • PO09 Supplier Update/Addition Form

and asks that clients use them, available under the Forms, Policies and Reference Guides on the Finance Department website.

As of May 25, the department will no longer accept older versions of these forms. If you submit an old version, it will be returned to you, with a request to complete the most up-to-date form.

Finance regularly updates its form and therefore asks users not to save them to computers or browser favorites. Ensure you are always using the most current version by following links above each time you need to access these forms.

For more information, contact procurement at 519-253-3000, ext. 2081.