man picking coffee beansCatering Services hopes its move to fair trade, organic coffee will improve conditions for global producers.

Campus catering adopts organic, fair trade coffee

Catering Services has switched its coffee to an organic, fair trade blend produced by local roasters Colonial Coffee.

“We are excited to move to a locally-roasted coffee that also contributes to improving the lives of farmers and workers,” says assistant catering manager Ligia Arias.

Organic coffee is produced without synthetic chemicals, such as certain additives or pesticides, she explains: “It’s natural.”

Fair trade contributes to sustainable development and global justice by securing the rights of producers.

“The system enables farmers in developing countries to compete fairly in the global marketplace,” says Arias.

The blend includes beans from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Columbia.

Introducing fair trade coffee is a necessary step in receiving designation from Fairtrade Canada, which Food and Catering Services is working to secure by year’s end.