man holding sign reading "I won't stand by."First-year students who complete the Bystander Initiative workshop receive $50 in UWinCASH.

Bystander Initiative workshops promise $50 gift card

Learning how to intervene to prevent sexual assault may be priceless, but first-year students who complete the Bystander Initiative workshop can count on $50 in UWin money for the purchase of books or food on campus.

Bystander Initiative team leader Emily Rosser is reminding the campus community that the three-hour workshops are available throughout the school year and are led by student peer facilitators right on campus.

Participants can share as little or as much as they wish and can participate in separate workshops for men and women. Trans and gender non-conforming students can choose the workshop where they feel most comfortable. All students who complete the workshop receive a Certificate of Completion, which they can add to their resumé.

“There is a place for all students in the Bystander Initiative,” Dr. Rosser says. “We all share responsibility in learning to speak up against unacceptable sexual language or behaviour. The workshops help participants develop the skills to stop a sexual assault before it happens, as well as how to be an ally to survivors. We know students are very busy, so offering this $50 gift card acknowledges that they have made an important choice in attending.”

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